[0.8.16] Query table view doesn't show property values

Hi all,

since update from 0.8.15 to 0.8.16 there seems to be a bug with query table view.
All property values besides page/block name and updated/created-at are not shown in the table view.
I use macOS Ventura 13.1.


In 0.8.16 the property values from page “Test-Buch” (“book”, “TestBuch”, and “TestAutor”) will not be displayed. I can provide a screenshot later on, when I have reinstalled 0.8.16 (as a quick work-around I went back to 0.8.15).
I got this with all my queries which worked fine until I updated on 0.8.16

I heard it’s a known issue and already fixed but will be available with the next release.

Thank you for the information. I’m a little bit confused, because one fix in 0.8.16 is:

But maybe it’s a new bug. Waiting for 0.8.17 then :wink:

Can you try to reindex your graph from the menu at the top of the left sidebar?

I have the same issue in 0.8.16, re-indexing didn’t fix it. No property values are shown in the table view of a page-property query

Same issue, but build-in properties can display, like create-date.

I think it will be fixed in 0.8.17. You can try a nightly release to check.