A shiny toy syndrome guy in love with logseq for loong time ;)

Hi my name is Ravi and I am from India. I am an engineer who loves to try new things a lot and this has lately became an obsession to the extent that i have got the right words for my condition- A shiny toy syndrome guy!
Jokes appart I love logseq alot, I have used many softwares for taking notes and I keep coming back to logseq because of its beauty and simplicity… I simply LOVE logseq. And I hope that with some more feature addition like export to pdf for pages, smart formatting tools and export to anki this will become the best tool for writers and students.


Hello there Ravi - tell me about the Shiny new toy syndrome. I spent a lot of time searching for the most suitable note taking app and found myself jumping from one to the other. It got to the stage that I would say, “right, this app is not good, let me uninstall it”, only to then see a new development and reinstalling and starting again. Not sure what we should call this - new old shiny toy syndrome?

This did all stop once I got familiar with Logseq and I am happy to call it my home. I still keep an eye on other tools now and again but more to pass the time.

Welcome Aboard!

the thing that you mentioned about your behavior with these new note taking apps reminds me that I am not alone here :sweat_smile:
exactly same behavior i am exhibiting here… Anyways I love Logseq

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Hi, Ravi! Welcome.

Your symptoms may be related to a known condition that’s been documented in the early XXI century. Take a look at CRIMP.

I believe that, whatever the diagnosis, you may find fellow sufferers around here. And maybe Logseq turns out to be the cure, who knows.


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