Ability to edit SRS cards during the review

Currently it’s not possible to edit the cards during the review, it would great if the editing is enabled in the card review interface, making it possible to implement incremental reading/writing using logseq.

For more information regarding incremental writing, please refer to the link below:

+1 for this - it’s common to want to refine a card when it comes up after a while based on new knowledge or thinking.

Editing would ideally also allow the #card tag to be quickly removed too, in instances when it is no longer required to be part of SRS.

A workaround at the moment might be to click on the bullet on the card to go to the underlying text, exit from the card, edit the text, then go back into the cards when you should (hopefully) go back to the same card.

A bit fiddly, but it seems to work. Easier would, of course, just be to make the card text editable.

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Actually, I did not know it’s possible to click the block bullet and enter editing mode, thanks for the tip.

You can shift+click the block bullet to open the current card in the right sidebar, this way, you don’t need to exit from the card and go back to the cards.

It seems that opening the card in the right sidebar will close the preview cards, we’ll address this soon.

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This feature has been implemented.
Peek 2021-12-31 19-01
Will move the feature request to the archive.