Ability to transform Query results in visual ways

Currently, the queries can be visualized as a list or in table format with toggle features which is cool. This was the main reason I started using Logseq more frequently. I remember using Zenkit few years back when it allowed for 6 views of the data. Similarly, I was wondering whether the query results can be transformed visually like:

  1. Queries containing todo markers into Kanban, timeline or Gantt charts
  2. Those having info or data structures into mind maps, ordered lists, or tree view
  3. directly into charts and graphs using properties like how google sheets and excel can display or suggest soon after selecting a table
  4. display all the results to be on the whiteboard with the breadcrumbs. This allows for discovering connections and spark creativity.

These features could probably be the answer for meaningful, delightful and engaging Custom views mentioned in the Logseq documentation.