Ability to turn off/hide "SRS breadcrumbs"

In the recent release(0.3.6), SRS breadcrumbs was added as an enhancement, however, this could potentially (severely) affect how the SRS cards are supposed to be created.

Because the parent block of a cards is now shown in the breadcrumbs, in the case that the parent block contains the answer to the question block(the card), the card setup would become useless since the answer is revealed beforehand by the breadcrumb.

please see the simple example below:

Therefore, as someone who rely heavily on the SRS function for the incremental writing workflow, I would like to have the option to toggle off (or at least hide) the SRS breadcrumbs. If you have the same needs, please upvote.

For those who cannot wait for the developer team to add a “hide SRS breadcrumbs” button, @Rainbat from Discord server provided a CSS snippet that can hide the breadcrumbs, all you have to do is to add the snippet to the end of your CSS theme file:

display: none;

I have tested myself and it works perfectly.

And again if you wish to have a turn off SRS breadcrumbs button in the UI, please upvote.


I think you are going to love it:

.ls-card .block-parents {
  display: none;
.ls-card audio {
        width: 100px;
  		height: 20px;

Let me know, if it helped. :)))