Ability to use TAB when doing Page Reference

I come from Roam and one thing that is easier easier in Roam is when I am writing a page reference in text, starting with [[, when I see the page I want to reference at the top of the list I can simply press the Tab key to auto complete the reference and then continue typing.

I Loqseq, I have to either place my cursor over the selection to complete it, or I press enter to complete it,

Hi Mark,

I’ve never used Roam so I’m not sure if there are some other processes at play here, but it sounds like a difference between hitting ‘tab’ in Roam or ‘enter’ in Logseq. That doesn’t strike me as easier in Roam, just different. Is there something else that Roam does in the background to make their process more efficient?

Regards, Gary

No, nothing different. in the background. These reasons I think it would be good to change are:

  1. Tab just feels more natural, as if I hit it and continue on the line. Enter feels like I’m ending a line or paragraph, which I’m not.

  2. We can’t discount the number of people coming to Logseq from Roam. It has to be significant, maybe even a majority. I’ve been using Logseq for maybe a month now, and I still have trouble remembering to use Tab over Enter.

I know it’s a minor detail in the big scheme of things, but if both Tab and Enter could handle this it would be great. I don’t see a downside to that.

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Thanks for clarifying. As I said, I’ve never used Roam but can see that tabbing feels more natural (being a Linux user with ‘tab to autocomplete’ on the command line).

I agree that there are probably a significant number of people moving from Roam and helping them aclimate to Logseq is worthwhile.