About the Plugins category

What plugins do you plan to add? Do you encounter any issues? Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! Also feel free to share your ideas for plugins you would like to see in Logseq.


Are extensions like pluggins in Obsidian.md?


i need to be able to

  • read/write/append to files
  • maybe add a pane to the right sidebar? like by exporting a react component?

& it’d be really convenient if i could, say, drop the code in ${repo}/logseq/extensions/${nameOfExtension}

it would also be nice to have some sort of communal kanban board, so, eg, everyone who wants a zotero extension knows to work with me, if i want in-lining and page introduction i know who to work with.

I’m just going to post this here also. As I would be interested in a similar extension within Logseq.

I’ve recently started using logseq to track my learnings about chess. I’d like to have a command (I think that’s what I need) that can take the PGN of a position (text description of the moves) and renders an image, I even found a library that does exactly what I need.

Probably not a lot of people will need this so I understand if it’s not a high priority for you guys but if you can give me some directions (tutorials, examples or a boilerplate that does something similar) I think I can make the plugin myself. My javascript is a bit rusty but all I need to do is connect that library to logseq.


You might take a look at this: GitHub - benjaffe/logseq-music-notation It does music notation, kind of the same, weird symbols with deep meaning :grin:

PS Welcome to Logseq!