Add tabbed windows to desktop client

Tabs are an incredibly useful way of quickly navigating content, as shown by all modern browsers. Web Logseq can use browser tabs, but we also would benefit from (optional) tabbed windows in the desktop client. This would be in addition to multi-windowed split modes that are currently being developed and that are being discussed here.

I mianly use windows app

I need to edit multiple pages at the same time, I need to cross-compare the content of several pages.
This is very natural in the case of web browser.

Now I has to use obsedian to help achieve the effect
But I thinks tab are really need in windows version, side bar is not enough

For the sake of implemention, I think allowing multi-open windows app could just solve the problem

To be honest, I have done well without it until now. The possibility of stacking several pages in the sidebar is really handy.

But I guess that tabs would be helpful the more information I collect in LOGseq.

I’d still propose something like this…