Advanced Copy-Paste from web pages

There are 2 useful features that would be great to see in Logseq:

  1. Copy-pasting from web pages with preserved formatting. It does not need to be perfect, I think html to MD conversion like Obsidian, Zettlr and others do would be fine enough. But if there are images, it’s better to copy them to assets instead of direct linking, or have an option for this.

  2. Auto appending page source in the end, for example:
    Source: Latest Feature Requests topics - Logseq

I like how old versions of EverNote did this - both copying images locally and appending page source url. But no markdown though

while waiting for a native clipper, you can use browser extensions like Markdownload or Maoxian web clipper

both are quite customizable and can output md files or clipboard content that can be pasted/imported in logseq

there are probably a lot of other addons that can work., I’ve only used the two above as they work well enough for my use case


Thanks for the hint! I’m already using “Auto Copy” chrome extension to append source backlink.

My main goal is to be able to annotate html pages (ideally “readified”), while leaving the original largely alone, except highlighting. I love the idea of a markdown web-clipper - that never occurred to me, and I might be able to get this to work. But when I try it on a large blog post, the editing is quite slow and clunky (in desktop 0.3.6).

I think what I’d love is to have the equivalent of pdf annotations logseq now has, but for html: be able to have one pane open for the html, as an asset that I can highlight, and in the other pane add notes and refer to specific parts of the html. But I could be talked out of this, if others have better ideas for this kind of workflow.

I would also like to be able to take notes on and highlight epub books the same way - I’ve voted for that feature separately. I think that would be the trifecta of research annotations.


Not an answer to OP, but to those who need annotation. I’ve made a plugin.

Until a native clipper comes up, I may add embedding for a webpage with on the left in an iframe. Problem is, most pages does not want to be rendered in iframes, due to clickjacking. I can redirect those pages to the via proxy. I will try to emulate PDF workflow, let me see whether it is possible.

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Sounds great, thanks @c6p. I am not so familiar with, but I have seen it before, and will look into it. For many years I used Firefox’s “ScrapBook” plugin (it would save html locally, and then you can annotate it inline in a browser; it was deprecated for security reasons I guess).

Lately I’ve been looking at Memex, which is like, and allows markdown export. But it would be hard to quote and/or refer to specific passages the way I now can with pdfs, right? (Since it won’t by default be broken into logseq-style “blocks”.)

Thanks again to everyone who’s contributed to this project - you’ve given me hope after 20 years of despair looking for a good, purely digital, purely open research workflow. I’ve donated to the project, since I’m not good enough to code for it.


Hello, in Memex you can actually set how do you want to export the markdown. It can be formatted to match Logseq!
Here is what I use:

- [{{{PageTitle}}}]({{{PageUrl}}})
 - {{{NoteHighlight}}}
  - {{{NoteText}}}

Thanks, I saw that, and I wrote a logseq-specific export that’s very similar to yours. What I’d love though is basically an html version of the pdf annotation that logseq has now. That is, I’d love to have the html page as an asset that I can open in a frame to the side, where I can highlight, copy references to text directly, etc, in logseq. This would be especially handy if the html page can be reliably made “reader view” first.


I posted this on Discord today, and think it’s pretty related to this topic:

I use Asana for team project + task management, and commonly port over my tasks into Logseq to document the task work in progress.

When using Roam previously, I could just click on the name of the task in Asana, hit cmd+C and it’d copy the markdown link for the task. I assume it works similarly with other 3rd party apps.

When I do the same action in Logseq, it only copies the name of the task, but doesn’t pick up the link to the task.

I show this in the attached GIF (logseq w/ black background; Roam in white)

Is it possible to copy the markdown link and paste into Logseq?

copy markdown links?

Stian Haklev wrote in response:

I do know that the clipboard pasting code in Roam is pretty involved, and a lot of thought went into it to try to give as good results as possible - including preserving indentation (or even creating indentation out of headers in HTML), dealing with images/alt text, etc etc… Hope Logseq can slowly improve, it’s such a common task done every day, but hard to get right.

I replied:

This was a really well-designed feature in Roam. I find myself commonly copying and pasting stuff from the web into Roam just to be able to paste it properly in Logseq.

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You might find be interested in a combination of an app like Instapaper (or Pocket) with Readwise to perform this task. After you can extract your highlights from Readwise to Markdown. Readwise works also great with Kindle and other content consumption apps.


Please give logseq-plugin-paste-more a try.logseq_paste


My thanks and appreciation for the plugins. Please accept my deepest thanks. i really need feature like this.

Maybe dev team can push this plugin as additional feature / settings on logseq.

Now you can try my new plugin Send to logseq, no more copy & paste.