Am I doing something wrong by adding links to properties?

I tried to use a simple template to add properties to blocks that relate to online articles I save in my notes, I added 2 properties, a “description::” property for me to describe the article content, and a “source::” property which is the URL of the online article…

The strange thing is that if I use any links in the text of the description, I end up with Logseq creating multiple pages from that line of text…

To illustrate this, I am adding here a screenshot to two blocks with the same properties about an article about Van Gogh, in the first block the description property contains no links, and after I added this block and checked the pages in my graph it was all normal.

But, when I added the second block, and in the description, text linked to Van Gogh (using [[Van Gogh]] I ended up with 3 new pages… Very strange, no?

Screenshot of the pages in my graph after the first block was created (the one without links in the description property)

Screenshot of the second block that I added, this time with [[Van Gogh]] as a link in the description property

Screenshot of the pages section of my graph, showing the weird new pages that were created, Logseq basically made a page of the text that was there on both sides of the [[Van Gogh]] link…

Why is this happening?

Maybe this is intentional because when you check the properties page in the documentation, it is mentioned that,

When a property contains references, ( [] ), any values are going to be automatically linked

So when you added a link to Van Gogh, it made other parts of the text into links too.

True, I missed that in the documentation… thanks for the tip.

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