App restart required to refresh advanced query?

I have an advanced query in a page.
That page is kept open in a tab (I have the Tabs plugin installed).

Today, I expected to see certain results in the query, but there weren’t any.
I restarted the app.
Then the expected results appeared.

I expected/hoped that advanced queries autoupdate on a regular basis. I’ve seen that happen when, for instance, I add a task that I know matches a query on another page. I would have thought queries would update on their own on a regular basis.

Edit: I should note that the expected results DO show up in the SCHEDULED AND DEADLINE section of today’s journal day. So it does appear that logseq recognized the results.

Is the problem that the page is open in a tab?
Is there a setting to control how/when queries are updated?
Can there be something wrong with my query?