Autocomplete of links frequently deletes entire line so that only ]] remains

In journal, using autocomplete to fill in previous backlinks , whole line is deleted except terminal ]] It happens almost always for me on the first block of a journal entry.

type “[[”, logseq adds “]]” and I start to type link. As soon as logseq recognizes existing link and I select it using arrow keys and pressing “Enter”, curser returns to begining of line with only the logseq added “]]” remaining.

The only workaround I’ve found is to continue typing the link, then using the mouse clock outside the terminal brackets.

I’m using Chrome browser (current version) with github. Behavior started after the recent update.

Which version are you using?

0.1.4. It only started happening after the migration. At first I thought it was just doing it on the first backlink (because subsequent ones in new blocks didn’t have the same problem) but just prior to submitting this report it happened in the middle of a set of blocks.

I haven’t been able to isolate it any further

update 0.1.7 corrected this behavior. Thank you.

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Closed as seems resolved