Automatically record date when completing TODOs via query in the daily journal

I use a query on my daily journal page to pull up all outstanding TODOs. Then, I’ll go through and check them off as I complete them. Unfortunately, this leaves me with no record of the date of completion. Can any of you suggest an approach to automatically append a reference to the completed task in my daily journal?

Can try the logseq-datenlp-plugin and use the shortcut mod+shift+d to mark a task as done and append a completed date.

That’s a great solution. Thank you! Can you please provide more details about how you defined the keyboard shortcut to mark the task as done and append the completed date?

It’s hard-coded in the plugin for now I think. You would like to change the shortcut?

It’s actually ctrl+shift+d for me. Now that I’ve found it, I’m happy. But sure, if it’s not a bother then I would like to know how to change it. You’re right, it’s not in the settings.json.

Thank you for your response.