Best way for sync?

Hi all,

I am looking for the best solution to synchronize (just work) a windows machine, another linux and an android phone.
I really need it to work well… I need to manage my tasks.
What do you recommend ?


If you do not sync to Android devices, then use Syncthing. I encounter a bug that prevent me to sync on the Android version of Syncthing for many times. Otherwise, you can use FreeFileSync/GoodSync (Windows) + Rclone (Linux) + FolderSync (Android) to sync your files between devices via Google Drive.

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Ok it’s to early to real phone use :+1:

I am not sure what bugs @neko is facing. I am using Syncthing to sync between my Linux and Android, and it is working perfectly. It is fast and smooth.

One of my favorite thing about Syncthing is how it handles sync conflicts. If I edit a file simultaneously on both devices or have the same file on multiple devices but with conflicting information, then without overwriting one with the other (causing data loss), Syncthing saves both copies of the file.

Suppose I find myself missing some blocks or content in my file. I will quickly do a diff between the current and conflicting files and copy my changes to the current file.

The bug is folder marker missing (this indicates potential data loss, search docs/forum to get information about how to proceed). It seems that my phone and tablet will somehow remove the .stfolder directory since the system regard it as hidden & empty. And re-creating this folder sometimes just won’t work, because if the folder goes wrong on one divice, none of the other devices can sync it.

Such experience is obnoxious, so I switch to Google Drive. FreeFileSync (or GoodSync, paid) will show the diff of every file before syncing, and I prefer manually checking the diff to letting it sync automatically.

I don’t think that is a bug with Syncthing. According to Syncthing faq and this post, the .stfolder is required to detect if the folder is healthy or not.

It seems like your phone or some app in your phone is performing storage optimization by deleting empty folders. See if you can turn that off or set up some way to ignore specific folders from being deleted.

I use Cryptometer and Dropbox btween Windows and Linux, that works very well. Starting with Dropbox, I then unlock the Cryptometer folder, which in Windows opens another Drive D: in File Explorer. Similar procedure in Linux.
I wasn’t able to get it working yet in Android though.

Yes, Cryptomator does not support mounting directory in Android yet. That was a dealbreaker for me too.

So, how to sync between a windows machine and an iPhone?

This github repo is the way to go.

Is this free or charged?

Free for GitHub, syncing to iOS requires the use of the Working Copy app which is a one time payment of $20 and free for students.

Thanks , is there any other method to sync between iOS and Windows?

many tools are there for syncing folder/files , like Goodsync , Gs Richcopy 360 , Syncback and Freefilesync

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If you need a simpler alternative. I share a more reliable solution that uses Dropbox/Google Drive and a local syncing app.

See here: How to Sync Logseq Notes Across Windows, Mac and Mobile

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It would be nice if we could do this (semi- for merge conflicts) automatically.

Hi, I am currently having problems with syncthing and logseq on android and linux.

I have read your post here, but do not completely understand your code, or how to use diff.
Could you run me through the steps I need to take to see if this is my problem too?