Block level Graph view

Since the fundamental unit of logseq is blocks it makes sense to show block connections in graph rather than pages. I have very few pages with nested blocks and sub blocks which which link together to form a huge web. But sadly if you look at the graph view it is just a few nodes barely any connections

The reason I use blocks instead of pages is that blocks allow to me create hierarchy easily with sub blocks and also to create new connections with block ref. Whereas it is harder to create heirarchy with pages

What do you guys think?

Absolutely agree, a block based graph would be perfect and makes so much more sense for Logseq rather than just pages.

I totally agree, I also think blocks should be better supported in some cases. It’s a lot more natural to link blocks to each other than pages.

i like it.

And the block has block title (ref: term/block title ), I think it’s better to search block title when use (()).

I just use block as content card and pages as topic tags.