Block properties should be shown in the same order when saving

For testings that I did, page properties keeps the order from edit mode to non-edit mode if the number of properties is equal or less than 8. In the image below, I first show the page with all the properties. In this case, the order of the proporties in changed once I´m no longer changing the page properties. When I remove 4 properties, the order doesn´t change. This could related to the Done activity called “fix: block properties should be shown in the same order when saving” in the Roadmap.

Yeah just ran into this too. It doesn’t even order them in any specific way, atleast none i can discern. Don’t see this in the roadmap either, is this supposed to be fixed already?

I looked in my Logseq and is working for me. Do you still have the problem with the new release?

Yeah, I started using logseq with 0.5.9, i’m currently using the appimage.

I am getting page properties becoming completely unordered only when there are more than 8 properties.

8 or less and page properties maintains order.

Tested on latest release on Windows.

I noticed that any amount of block properties maintain their order, it’s only page properties that are having this issue on my install.

(I think: (page properties = the first block containing block properties are also referred to as page properties.))

try making more than 8 page properties, do they maintain their order?

I’m still getting random ordering on latest release on Windows. :frowning:

Thank you all for the reporting! A fix will be included in the next release (0.6.2).


Thanks for the fix.

I have noticed that there are some other places in Logseq that the issue still persists.

If you can, find a page with linked references containing a page with page properties containing more than 8 properties, they are still out of order.

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I’m getting this problem, as of today, when more than 7 properties are listed they all go unordered. Has there been a fix for this?

UPDATE: I’ve just looked at the same graph on Mobile (android) and the properties are ordered correctly. So this appears to be a problem for the Desktop App and browser only

Block and page properties in linked references over 7/8 properties in size are still out of order.