Can different graphs in the same directory reference each other as internal?

I have multiple graphs, each one with their own CSS, inside the same GitHub repo as one unifying project. One of them has data relevant to the others. Can this data be referenced by the other graphs with internal links?

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This would be very desirable for my application as well.

There is now cross-graph referencing on Mac (not sure about Windows).
Here is the detail I found Feat: open action for logseq protocol by cnrpman · Pull Request #4881 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

I have separate graphs for each of my main topic areas and wanted to review the TODO’s from a global perspective. Tried having a parent graph with sub-graphs in the pages folder of the top level graph but there are page conflicts. So I was looking for another approach. Since 0.6.8 introduced logseq:// support I have down the following which, whilst not perfect, does the job for me

I have a graph called ‘Global’ which has a Home page that contains logseq:// links to the TODO page of each of my topic graphs

- ## Review TODO's of each Graph
    - [Golf TODO](logseq://graph/Golf?page=TODO)
    - [Health TODO](logseq://graph/Health?page=TODO)
    - [House TODO](logseq://graph/House?page=TODO)
    - [Tech TODO](logseq://graph/Tech?page=TODO)

l simply click on one of the links to jump to that graphs TODO page.

Note. I am on Mac OS and I’m not sure if this would work for Windows or Linux

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