Can I run a command line utility against Logseq pages while logseq is open?

I’ve investigated and can’t find the answer to the following… If Logseq is running can I run some command line utility like sed, grep, etc… and make changes to the matching files in the Logseq pages directory? Something like “…sed -i ‘s/word1/word2/g…’”. I have tested having vim and logseq open simultaneously and see the changes almost instantly on both apps. But, wouldn’t there be some possible data corruption issues? If sed is doing some sort of search and replace across a large logseq pages directory, that seems risky? I know I can close down logseq to perform command line operations, but it would be better if I didn’t have to change context. Thanks!

It’s a risk sure. I have personally not had any issues with Logseq being in the background and me using Notepad++ to do a find/replace on for example the pages directory.
When I return back to Logseq it will just notice those changes to files and respond accordingly.
But no guarantees I suppose :slight_smile: