Can I write advance query with ChatGPT?

I want to use ChatGPT to help me learn advanced queries.

However, it appears that the syntax is different.

For instance, I am unable to convert this simple query {{query (and (property :project "contacts") (property :country "AU"))}} into an advanced query.

My question is: Is there a way to teach ChatGPT to understand it?"

  • Q: Is there a way for ChatGPT to understand anything at all?
    A: No
    • Usually it is not needed. But when it is needed, there is no way.
  • Q: Is there a way to teach ChatGPT anything at all?
    A: No
    • Per the first question, it cannot understand the lessons.
  • Q: Is there a way to train ChatGPT?
    A: Yes
    • Q: How?
      A: By being provided with large amounts of consistent text (this is a simplification), it:
      • can learn to:
        • read similar text
          • that is to recognize it as something fitting to its model (this is a simplification)
        • write similar text within relevant context, with:
          • statistically satisfying accuracy
            • that depends on multiple factors
          • some embarrassing mistakes
            • yet with unreasonable confidence
              • it doesn’t reason (in the typical sense) to begin with
      • still doesn’t understand a single word
        • see first question
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Thanks, @mentaloid Looks like a loop of questions.

I found this page:
made by @Alex_QWxleA is quite helpful.

It lists out some samples: simple query VS advanced query

Here is a promising alternative under construction: Synthesis lab - Natural-language programming

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