Cannot Modify an Embedded Newly Created Empty Page


Below are the steps to replicate it:

  1. Open any page, or go to a Journal day
  2. Click on a block and create a new page typing “[[Awesome New Page]]”
  3. Go to another block in the same page or journal
  4. Embed the newly created [[Awesome New Page]]

Obtained Result
The embedded page cannot be modified. Probably because it doesn’t have at least one block in it (because it was just created and wasn’t opened, neither on the main window nor the sidebar).

Expected Result
In normal conditions, when you embed a page, you can modify its content.
It’d be appropriate to be able to modify newly created pages when embedded.
Especially when you don’t want to interrupt the flow by opening it and add just a block, return to the page where you embedded it and continue to modify from there.