Classify annotation-related Markdown files as Files and allow to hide them

With the new annotation feature for PDFs if you add a PDF and annotate it, this is going to create multiple files:

  • The PDF file itself stored in /assets
  • The Markdown file for the PDF
  • A highlights file hls__*.md

All of these files are listed in search results. As they are named the same as the PDF, it bloats the results when searching for this topic.

I suggest to

  • clearly mark these in the search results as files (β€œF”)
  • provide an option to generally hide File results in the search (e.g. also .edn, possibly just for annotation related files

+1 to this.

I find this really annoying because it gets in the way of my search results and autocomplete.
Can’t use the feature because of that, even the annotation markdown files appear in search before the real notes/files.

Although I like this a lot and I will use it 100% once this issue is addressed!


This behavior really clutters the search box, specially within databases with lots of PDFs highlights. This would help a lot with the search functionality.

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+1 to this Miro from me too. Would be great to have a bit more flex in the All Pages views. Thanks for setting up this FR.