Colin from Berkeley, CA 👋

Hey, I’m Colin. I’m a student at Berkeley City College studying computer science and engineering. Right now, I’m taking some time to reflect on where I’m going in life. I just learned about Personal Knowledge Management and the related tools: logseq, roam, obsidian, and others, today. I’m already obsessed. I think it’ll help my studdered/cluttered mind. I just finished my fall semester and a big web3 hackathon. I felt unproductive and my mind felt disorganized the whole time. I was consuming so much new information and didn’t know how to remember, use, and reflect on it. Things just finished so now I can take a moment to pause and think. So far, finding logseq and this field has felt like finding a religion (I think, I’m not religious). I can’t wait to get started.

Interests: Bikes :bike: and blockchain :key:

Socials: Twitter :bird: -@SteidtmannColin, GitHub - colinsteidtmann, and hopefully a personal website, in the future, of my public logseq mind notes.

I am interested in contributing to this project (via code or something non-monetary at the moment). I share many of the same principles and frustrations in keeping organized, as StudderedMind, LinkingYourThinking, and the other promoters of this field. I REALLY appreciate that this is open-source and is being built to be future-proof. I found Roam first but cannot afford the cost so I looked for alternatives and thank goodness I found this project and THANK YOU for building it.

Update: I just listened to this podcast episode and I’m a little concerned about the cult vibe

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