Collapse/hide properties in query

Some of my tasks have properties, like start date, time estimate etc., which I don’t want to see in e.g. my journal query. Is there a way to hid them in specific query? Some things I tired

  • :ref/default-open-blocks-level - doesn’t affect properties
  • block/collapsed? true - ditto
  • :block-hidden-properties - I don’t want them hidden at all time

This is a bit of a non-answer, but the only way is to put them in a nested block. But that would totally defeat the purpose of the properties :sweat_smile:
The other way is to display a table, but that also has drawbacks.

I do wish collapsing blocks would hide their properties as well though. And not just for tasks.

Thanks. I’ll probably have to disregard this approach, doesn’t work too great with LS.

Hopefully in the future it will be possible to hide properties, looks like people have varied ideas about how this should work.