Content Disappears/ Deletes itself when rearranging 'Bullets' / Blocks

I’ve come over from ROAM but still a tech newb. On more than one occasion multiple blocks of info have disappeared (been deleted?) when I try rearranging ‘Bullets’ (‘blocks’ ) via dragging them up or down. I’ve looked to see if they got nested elsewhere but they seem to be deleted entirely. TWO QUESTIONS: 1 - Can I recover the deleted info (and how) and # 2 - How avoid this from happening? TIA

Hi @BlueSky I’ve found that I can usually get back disappeared blocks just by hitting [Ctrl]+[Z] or by clicking the “back” arrow at the top of the application window.
I avoid it by blocking each individual block and copying and pasting it to its new position.
I’ve also had some success by creating a new block bullet point to drag the out of order block into, if that makes sense?
Hope that helps!

Which version of logseq are you using? This was a known issue up to 0.5.9 (see and is supposed to be fixed since 0.6.0.

Ctrl+Z should work to bring the blocks back quickly. For older lost blocks, you can try to get them back via the git backups (not trivial if you have never used git).

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Hey Tony - THX for taking the time to provide info! ( & sorry for my slow response…)

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Michael - yep - was still on older version.
Thanks for taking the time to help - and pls forgive my tardy response.

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