Copy multiple block references at the same time

Currently, we can only copy block reference one block at a time.

It would be useful to be able to highlight a few blocks and copy block ref for all of them. Or copy the parent block as block reference and have the option to right click and bring over the children blocks over as texts or block references.

I think this is a feature is that currently available on Roam Research.

The use case I can forsee myself using is:
Make notes on daily notes for a book that I am reading. When the book is completed over a few days, I can paste block references over to the ‘book’ page. Currently, I would have to either ctrl+c or alt+drag each individual block over. Would be useful to have the option to highlight a few at a time and alt+drag in one go, or right click + copy all block refs and paste.

+1, this would be extremely helpful for literature notes. One of my favorite features in Roam currently.

Thanks. I am just surprised that not more people are interested in this feature. Even Athens Research has this feature as well.

Copied and pasted into a new page on the sidebar:

I agree also that this is a MUST-HAVE feature!

When selected together, blocks seem to become unmovable. Manually drag-dropping such a selection de-selects the non-first blocks (to move only the first single block), and the “Move block up/down” shortcuts don’t do anything to the selected multiple blocks. I’ve searched for this problem in the forum and haven’t found a mention. Am I the only one experiencing this?

You are not the only one. Currently logseq simply cannot move multiple blocks (only the first one will be moved), neither the cmd-shift-up/down shortcut works in this situation. Perhaps you can issue it as a “feature request”?

(from this post)

Selecting and moving multiple blocks together in the same page is a basic operation but currently not possible, be it by drag-and-dropping or by the “Move block up/down” shortcuts.

Not possible with drag as of yet, but you can do the following - Highlight multiple blocks -> right click -> copy block refs and then paste. This will paste all the block refs copied.

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Is this represented in a feature request somewhere? I’d like to upvote. This is sooooo necessary. Basic operation indeed.

Copying multiple block refs does work now.

  1. Highlight multiple blocks
  2. Right click on any of the bullets
  3. Click Copy block refs (note “refs” is plural)

Also note the feature if the list is TODOs, you can cycle thru the TODO status’ in the same context menu.