Deafault Queries Filtering?

I have this custom tweak added to show all my doing tasks daily in my journal. Is there anyway to be able to filter this list?

Linked References on the journal page shows a filter icon. I would love the filter icon here as well. Thanks!

;; The app will show those queries in today’s journal page,
;; the “NOW” query asks the tasks which need to be finished “now”,
;; the “NEXT” query asks the future tasks.
[{:title “:hammer: Working Tasks”
:query (and (todo doing now))
:collapsed? false}
{:title “:date: Future Tasks”
:query [[TODO]]
:collapsed? true}]}

These are advanced queries. You will need to add code to them to filter. It is not something you can dynamically filter like with linked references.

If you want specific filters permanently, you can take a look at this topic: