Default page or view on start

Allow setting a default page or view when the application starts, instead of defaulting to the Journal.

There is a setting called :default-home already available for that purpose in config.edn.

 ;; Specify default home page and sidebar status for Logseq
 ;; If not specified, Logseq default opens journals page on startup
 ;; value for `:page` is name of page
 ;; Possible options for `:sidebar` are
 ;; 1. `"Contents"` to open up `Contents` in sidebar by default
 ;; 2. `page name` to open up some page in sidebar
 ;; 3. Or multiple pages in an array ["Contents" "Page A" "Page B"]
 ;; If `:sidebar` is not set, sidebar will be hidden
 ;; Example:
 ;; 1. Setup page "Changelog" as home page and "Contents" in sidebar
 ;; :default-home {:page "Changelog", :sidebar "Contents"}
 ;; 2. Setup page "Jun 3rd, 2021" as home page without sidebar
 ;; :default-home {:page "Jun 3rd, 2021"}
 ;; 3. Setup page "home" as home page with multiple pages in sidebar
 ;; :default-home {:page "home" :sidebar ["page a" "page b"]}

I know this is an old post, and I’m not sure if my query counts as its own separate query, but I was wondering if this works with “Today”?

That is, instead of the full journal appearing as the default page, I was hoping to simply have today’s journal page only.

The difference between a blank page and a page with yesterday’s scribbles is quite remarkable.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and while we’re here, is there a publicly available list of terms (like Sidebar, Changelog, Contents, etc.) that LogSeq has defined for these settings?

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Would love to know how to set the default-home to the <current day> as well!

Hi @axelav, did you ever find a solution to this?
I haven’t, and even after posting the question specifically, I have not had any luck.

There seems to be a token, “%TODAY%”, that I read about somewhere…It doesn’t trigger an error if you write it like so:

 :default-home {:page "%TODAY%"}

But it also doesn’t do what we’d like to do, unfortunately. I think it just acts as though no page was specified and opens to the journals folder.


For today / current day on every launch, try this