Desktop app and syncing notes to Github

Hi. I’ve tried find this online but without success so far. Can I use the desktop application and still let Logseq sync my notes automatically to Github? The desktop app has a configuration to set “git-auto-push true” but how do I configure what Github repository to use?

Thanks for your help.

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It’s not available on the desktop app. You can sync the folder with third-party services like Dropbox or sync manually.

Is there any update to this?

It is still not available but you can use this script to push your files automatically.

logseq/git-auto: A Simple Shell Script To Do Git Commit And Push Automatically (

Cool. Thanks! I am not a very tech person. I have gotten around to setting up Github desktop and it does sync to pull and push. Will this script do this automatically? Or I do have to start it manually? I already sync manually with Github Desktop. Maybe I can make the script automatic with task scheduler?

You will have to run the script (you can run it on windows startup using task manager), then it will automatically commit and push to Github.

Let me also see if I can update the readme file to be more non-tech friendly.

Thanks! Very kind of you :pray:

Another possiblilty here on linux is to use the inotifywait utility:

#watch files and git commit all changes as they happen

while true; do

inotifywait -qq -e CLOSE_WRITE ~/file/path/*

cd ~/file/path; git commit -q -a -m "auto commit on date"


Yet another solution for vim/neovim users is something like fhe following in your vim/nvim config:

autocmd BufWritePost /logseq/* ex ‘:silent! if git rev-parse --git-dir > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then git add % ; git commit -m “Auto-commit: saved %”; fi > /dev/null 2>&1’