Difficulties with block templates, TODO and dynamic variables

Hi, All!
I’m trying to compose a simple block template that could help me take fast notes when I get a user support call.
I had the following idea:

- Anfrage
  template:: Anfrage2
  template-including-parent:: false
	- TODO <% time %> **Sache**:

Problem I am facing is the following:
The time keeps referencing to a “yesterday” time, I guess the time I built the first template draft. When I insert the block, and I turn the task to DONE, the amount of time is calculated from that past date and I can not reset the clock.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

I don’t understand?
Time tracking should work with putting the TODO to DOING and then back to TODO or cross of as DONE.
The <%time%> dynamic variable simply returns the system time without date. (e.g. 15:03)

Then the problem is in something I made while setting up the block template, because the time tracking relates to a past date…