Disable empty pages in graph view or distinguish tags and pages


Love Logseq and can’t wait to see is development.

I’m adding a feature request.

I would love to have the possibility to make a distinction between empty page and others in my graph view.

I use tags to see how many references to one specific term I do.
And to track habit.

Sometimes I create content for them.
Sometimes not.

I totally understand the idea to create a page link to each tag.

But until I decide to create a content for it, they are just empty page and this add confusion to my graph view.

I can, obviously delete those empty pages but

The ability to choose if we print empty page or not on on graph view could be a much more efficient way.

Or the other possibility could be to make a real distinction between pages and tags.
Tags could be just a reference until we create a page for them.

Thank you !

Wish you a good day.

To make the graph more useful, I suggest adding an option to filter out empty pages, i.e. pages with backlinks but no content.

This might be the closest thing to filtering out tags as there is no distinction between tags and pages in logseq. Tags make the graph look hyperconnected, probably much more so than what it actually is and give me a false sense of achievement.

I have merged this FR with another one - thank you for posting.