Discovering logseq after exploring Asia, Africa, Europe, America

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This is Bimal an explorer, Born and worked in Kenya :kenya: , youth in India :india: , family in UK :uk: , Settled in USA :us: in Woodridge in Chicago metro area.

My experience with Evernote, and now logseq
I am avid, devoted user for Evernote with 14k notes, for a decade a dozen years now, Evernote has incorporated the block concept, like what Wordpress as adopted. I have incorporated the GTD concept and evolving with a lot of new features and functions. My only biggest frustration has been the search and linking of content, This has made me explore Notion, a too complicated concept to implement, Roam research I dived in but they went for a commercial concept and could not explore and I dropped that. Back on to my Evernote which I still love all the features past and the present.

Now my son my Guru exposed me to logseq, seeing me struggle with Evernote and different concepts. And here I dived in Logseq and I came across when learning tutoring in logseq from from Dario @OneStuttering this quote of which i tweeted, " Software is not a solution- Itโ€™s really the approach and how you use the software" - Dario @OneStuttering.

This made me aware of logseqโ€™s " Bottom up approach" and I think Zettelkasten method is influencing in enhancing, evolving developing this concept. The Top down approach with folders and files used practically in all the digital life of every digital person on earth, Has exposed the limitations not using the real power of the digitizing, automizing or robotizing the thought process efficiently , reminded me of Logseq alternative to Evernote but off course not with all the bell and whistles.

I am in the process of Designing my life with the powerful knowledge, of the Atomic Habits and Bullet Journal, using the power of the pen and paper on my BUJO journal book and Index cards with Zettelkasten method. Now Logseq enters into my life, with exploring, experimenting, learning, about it. Understanding the outliner concepts and org-mode concepts. I envision Logseq the right digital tool to help me design my life faster and better with itโ€™s simplicity and minimalism. off course the power of privacy my personal data

Thanks for reading my thoughts :thought_balloon::thinking:.
Enjoy and have a wonderful day

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