Distracting editor behavior

I just found out about this editing issue.

If I have a block that extends beyond the visible page area, and I want to add some new content at the very top, every time I press Shift + Enter, Logseq automatically scrolls to the very bottom of the page, so I have to manually scroll back to the top, and this for every new row I’m adding to the text.

I hope there’s a fix for this issue.

For the record, I’m using Logseq-win-x64-0.8.12+nightly.20221129

Edit: I realized that it is not strictly necessary to scroll up, it’s sufficient to start typing and the page will automatically scroll up.

That said, it’s still a bit distracting as typing on a new row still happens while the page is at the very bottom.

Nope, still a mess. I tried to insert new text, images, code, it’s extremely difficult.