Doc-mode not applying to references

I’m trying to create a theme that differentiates between doc-mode and non-doc-mode, but there doesn’t seem to be a selector to uniformly identify the same elements in the different sections. For instance, while .page-blocks-inner .content and .references-blocks .content both may contain the same element .page-ref, only the former is targettable by .doc-mode, the latter lacking this selector or any equivalent, such that a style for .doc-mode .page-ref applies only to those inside the former (even though .references-blocks .content gets correctly targeted by the script that puts .bullet-container inside <a> upon activating the doc-mode).

I would like .doc-mode to be added to .references-blocks .content.

(By the way, immediately under <div class="content doc-mode"> is another div with .document-mode, but this particular selector doesn’t appear to have any style, according to the inspector. It seems to be a redundant selector.)