Duplicate pages when indexing (Page already exists with another file, The file x will be skipped because another file)

Hi there,

since I became an patron and activated the sync functionality for Win (0.8.18) + IOS (0.8.18) I have issues with duplicate pages:

Page already exists with another file: C:/Users/x/Documents/2ndBrain23/pages/Investing%2FHörlgasse Wohnung%2FMiete.md, current file: C:/Users/kris/Documents/2ndBrain23/pages/Investing___Hörlgasse Wohnung___Miete.md. Please keep only one of them and re-index your graph.

It doesnt matter if I delete any of these pages, they keep coming back, even when deleting related bak files.

Also I get the following issue

The file “C:/Users/kris/Documents/2ndBrain23/pages/Investing___Hörlgasse Wohnung___Miete.md” will be skipped because another file “C:/Users/kris/Documents/2ndBrain23/pages/Investing%2FHörlgasse Wohnung%2FMiete.md” has the same page title.

I think this is related.

I receive around 20-30 of these and they seem to become more.

I deleted and readded the remote graph under a different name, but it didnt help.

I am now having this problem for month. Can any1 help?