Edit made in Obsidian not Showing in Logseq

I made an edit to a page created in Logseq and edited in Obsidian.md. Is the page not supposed to show the edit when back in Logseq? This is not happening for me. I also went in to put in the approprate ### within Obsidian and nothing.

Any help is appreciated.

I just tried to use Obsidian with Logseq together, and it seems that it works fine for me on both Mac and LInux, I recorded a gif at Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

@tienson Thanks for the gif. Yeah, I previously had no troubles with it also. Opened up Obsidian.md looking for the specific note within the block, and can’t find the block at all, doesn’t exist! And so I guess I can’t really solve this particular instance. Thank you regardless :smiley:

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Are you trying the latest versions for both the Logseq desktop app and Obsidian? Logseq on the web doesn’t listen to file changes because chromium browsers don’t provide any API for that.

Desktop app does that for me occasionally. Deleting the cache (AppData/Roaming/Logseq in Windows) and rehydrating makes it work for me every single time.

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