Embeds like workflowy mirrors

Hi all,

I like that logseq has transclusion support, but it’s a little sloppy:

First, the indentation is very very severe. The content of your embedded page or block starts 3 levels in!

Secondly, the collapse state is shared across all instances of an embed. So if I collapse an item in one area, it’ll collapse everywhere else that it’s embedded.

The way workflowy has done it with mirrors is about perfect and the projects are similar enough that I think this would be an excellent option for folks who desire this type of transclusion.

First, it indicates the block is an embed through the bullet itself, and instead of the window within a window look, it just shows the content you’d like to mirror.

secondly, the collapse state is independent.

It’d be nice to have these at least as options, as well as perhaps allowing to show a faint outline or maybe similar ui to a card to have the embedded part stand out somewhat.
Something like this would be excellent

Imagine that each of these cards is actually a block/page embed. An icon where the lightning bolt is could inform that this is an embed.

take a look at how workflowy implements for yourself Workflowy: Mirrors - A radical new way to organize your data

I’ll add that because I’m not using the flashcard funcionality at all, at least for my main graph, I just use the card tag to help organize things. I’m even using cards within cards and the this is displayed is actually perfectly aligned for use as a portal/embed indicator. I will show what it looks like below. The only difference I would make is maybe a 3 color embed level indicator, based on your theme. You will see that almost no extra indentation space is taken up by the outlines. The only improvement I could make would be to adjust the color of the outlines

Here’s my quick adjustment (don’t mind the terrible color selection :blush: )