Excited to use Logseq

Hi all, I am Balaji from Austin, TX. Long time user of Roam (early user since late 2019) and now jumping into Logseq. The transition (import) appears to have gone seamlessly. Hoping to be part of this community and benefit and contribute.


Welcome @balajiv :slight_smile:
What made you switch?

The lack of any significant dev from Roam really. There are some pain points that they just don’t want to address and lack of openness. The early days of Roam was great as Conaw was very involved and super responsive but now there is none of that.
Logseq core team seems to be very responsive and open also (as far as I have seen in the socials). Hoping we can keep it going and grow more.
Def. looking forward a mobile experience though. For mobile my main use cases are - access info (read only) and quick capture. But those are very important.


Welcome Balaji! Great to see more former Roam users try out Logseq.

If you use Android, there’s already an alpha version available of the mobile app (an alpha version for iOS is coming soon): Release Android Alpha Testing · logseq/logseq · GitHub