Existing page is deleted instead of merged when importing from JSON (Roam)

I want my pages to be merged when I import, I don’t want to lose the current version.

I’ve just created a new graph in LogSeq with 1 one page, wrote some stuff in it, then imported from Roam a new graph with the same page with different content.

After the import, only the content from Roam was there, and the previous version (the one that which i already had in logseq) was deleted.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you!

If you have a file with the same name already, you will have its content updated with the new version. Logseq will not create a new note file(markdown). For assets(images…) in the asset folder, it creates a copy with a suffix.

My suggestion is, create a new graph, Import your Roam data in it. Open the folder of that graph in File Explorer and drag and drop all markdown files from the pages directory into the pages directory of the first graph you have. File explorer will tell you that some file already exist and offer you the option to keep both copies.