Expand functionality not working (sometimes)

Sometimes when I go to expand a block that is collapsed (with 1 or more blocks nested under it) the block will not expand when I click on the arrow that appears to the left of the block on hover.

The clunky solution I have in these cases is to zoom into the block and then the nested blocks appear, but then I have to zoom back out if I needed the context from the other surrounding blocks.

Wondering if anyone else also has this issue? And if so if you’ve found any better solutions to it?

I’ll try to capture a loom of it next time it happens – I just fixed an instance of it now and can’t reproduce it on demand (once I do the zoom in and out the expand/collapse behaviour for that block starts working as expected again).

It’s possible that it’s lag, and that if I waited long enough the block would expand in these instances, but this also happens with blocks that have very little nested underneath them sometimes. So that makes me wonder if it’s more than just lag.

Logseq Version 0.7.9; Mac OS 12.4

I’m having this issue as well in the latest version (v0.8.9).

A trick I use is to click to another page and use the back button and then clicking the caret usually works again.