File organization issue and request for help

While experimenting with Logseq, it appears that I not only created several graphs (and now realize I don’t need and shouldn’t have done) but also have caused files to become nested in each other. I think this is affecting some features and functionality. I assume that reorganizing (un-nesting) files might get me there but, as a novice, I’m a bit afraid to do that.

I’d appreciate any advice and clear guides (v.101) to do that, if that’s an issue.

Here’s an example from a message after reindexing: “Page already exists with another file: /Users/jimmeredith/Documents/Logseq old/journals/journals/journals/pages/Alan, current file: /Users/jimmeredith/Documents/Logseq old/journals/journals/journals/journals/pages/Alan Please keep only one of them and re-index your graph.”

So you can see that “journals” has “journals/journals” nested within it – that is, 3 layers of “journals.” . Can I just move the journal files form the deepest “journal” into the top “journal” and end up okay?

Hmm, maybe the way to ask the question is this: If I have nested folders/files with the same names, can I bring the contents of those files into the top primary logseq folders – “journals,” “logseq” and “pages” – without breaking everything?



Not an expert here … but as logseq normally has only 1 level of journal folder in the vault folder I think it is save to move all files from all sub journal folders to the journal folder directly in your vaults folder.

But I guess you then have to manually choose which of the duplicates you want to keep (or use the duplicate with the latest modification date). Depending on the number of duplicates that might be quite a task.

Even when using the “/” in page names it should not generate actual folders so I am not sure what happened there.

As you mentioned you are experimenting you might also think about adding a new vault to the mix and manually copy the correct journal files to the new journal folder in your new vault folder.

Options … options … options … Welcome to PKM :slight_smile:

Jeroen, thank you for the generosity of your reply! Hmm … I think the last thing I need is another vault, but you’re right. As an experiment it might be a good test and potential resolution.

All he best!

BTW, as logseq creates one *.md file per page, it is also safe to use your file manager to reorder/rename the files. Just reindex afterwards

Thank you! All looks to be there and in order!