Filter for page contents, and global filters

It’s good that Logseq has linked ref filters (although they are very unwieldy on pages with a lot of tags, should have search, overflow so they don’t take over the whole screen, etc). However, I really miss the ability to filter page contents from Roam.

For example, you could imagine that you inserted a lot of #metareflections in paper notes, and you want to only see these, or exclude these. (Only seeing them can be done through a query, but excluding them cannot).

It would also be really powerful if you could include page tags in a global filter. Imagine you import a bunch of academic notes from Roam, and you could filter from seeing just the academic subset of your notes, including when you search/query etc, or just the personal notes, or all.

Came here to make this same post.

A use-case I would use every day: filter OUT blocks containing “DONE”. (Getting the completed tasks out of view helps to focus on what remains to be done)

This should be merged with the previous request?

Yes please! This is a must to my workflow