Filtering by page tags?

I’m still a n00b at Logseq and I could use your help :slight_smile:

Let’s assume I have a page called “Project X” and in this page I added the page-tag “Company Y”.

Now in my journal, I added entry like

  • [[Project X]]
    • [[Meeting Notes]]
      • Note 1

Now, if I used the search feature, I can search for “Project X” and and will find a suggested filter to filter by the “Meeting Notes” tag.

But what if I want to search for “Company Y” and filter by all “Meeting Notes” tags to get the meeting notes for all of this company’s projects instead of searching by the project name?

I know a solution would be to append the “Company Y” tag in every project meeting notes like the below

  • [[Project X]] [[Company Y]]
    • [[Meeting Notes]]
      • Note 1

But I would like to avoid this if possible as it will clutter my journal. Is there’s a way to do it without using queries and just the search feature?