Flashcards not recognized

Once I upgraded to latest desktop version 0.6.2, Logseq does not recognize any of the flashcards I had in my graph.

I checked manualy to see if the pages still contain the #card tag and the meta data like:

card-last-interval:: 10.24
card-repeats:: 3
card-ease-factor:: 2.56
card-next-schedule:: 2022-03-08T10:27:43.222Z
card-last-reviewed:: 2022-02-26T05:27:43.223Z
card-last-score:: 5

and the information is still there.

However, pressing on the “Flashcards” button from the left sidebar, does not trigger the normal review process, but shows me the “tutorial” how to create flashcards.

I tried to refresh the graph and it did not help.

Any suggestions?

It seems to be fixed in the nightly release. Chechk it out, hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I can confirm that in version 0.6.3 the problem is fixed. Thanks!