Give user options to define how the file will be named

The update of the logseq has changed 3 times on the naming way of created files. To me, I want to keep the naming consistency that will not distort by the logseq new rule.

Think about it. if you have many files under one namespace, for instance, book. The old naming way is book.A Fire Upon the but any new file will be created in book___A Fire Upon the Personally, I prefer the former way, but if I rename back to the old naming way, log seq only will display the file content under the page called book.A Fire Upon the Deep instead of original one book/A Fire Upon the Deep

I think the free of the naming should leave to user instead of something force to follow. Cross-platform(filesystem) naming is the pain, but I think it should leave to user to figure out or give a free let user how to name their file.

One possible solution is making a lookup table, so the user can define the matched characters to save.

It would be nice to have, but I think it will cause more issues than it will solve. There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration when choosing the delimiter, that’s the reason it changed few times, as you have mentioned.

but I think it will cause more issues than it will solve.

Would you mind paste any reported issues that I can take a further look?

Many thanks