Greetings from a Spanish apprentice

Hi all :wave:
I just got here tired of running around looking for a note system that works for me.
I’ve used org-mode, Evernote, OneNote, and lately Obsidian, but I always end up in chaos. :crazy_face:
Although I think the problem is more my mental disorder than the tool, now that I’m reading Tiago Forte’s book I want to encourage myself to reboot and take some time (between now and the end of the year) to try to build my second brain on this tool since org-mode has been the one I’ve liked the most.
What I would like is to plan the learning in a slow and increasing way, so that the desire to achieve something does not cloud my perspective and in that sense, I would appreciate any recommendation on how to approach the learning of Logseq in a systematic way. :man_student:
Thank you and we will be reading :blush:

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