Greetings from Russia

Hello there.
I’m electronic technician from Saint Petersburg. 25 yo.

History {
I have keep the diary+others from being 14 years old guy.
Started with 3 inch smartphone with Note Everything.
Every time I crashed my phone, all notes was in safe on microSD card in plain txt format.
Every time they was reborned. I love plain text.

Well technologies grow and my information hunger with them.
So I tried Evernote and lot of another apps, their names I cannot remember.
Then it was Simplenote. Very good app but too slow (Electron) for simple functionality.
Short romance with Joplin (unreasonably heavy for mind and CPU), ultra-slow sync.

And finally (?) I came to Logseq.
Open source <3
For me it great for self-wiki.
Just text files, I sync it between 4 devices by Syncthing and it works really smooth.
I can create and store logs of my family life, work life, sport life, one device life, one day in travel, years of pain and joy, instructions, lists of good films and places to visit, medical journal, diet journal and so and so. Big information pit with good full-text search. Google of my life.

I have 3 graphs: main, knowledge base, work.

  • Work include last actual positions in company about microcontroller’s software, fuse bytes, interfaces etc; schemes, elements on board, points to check; most important letters from corporative mail and so. Even what developer or tester said vocally.
  • Knowledge base is my wiki for cheats with linux, networks, python etc. Many links, very strong graph.
  • Main graph carries all legacy baggage from past. Contacts, places, mindfulness, tasks, emotions, love and hate.

Bad moments in Logseq:

  1. Cannot edit large blocks. I have notes with 1000+ lines and they need to be in library.
  2. Electron. App starting for 6-8 seconds. Seriosly? I need C++/Java application for FAST notes and then turn them to Logseq.
  3. Hard to arrange, sort, organize old notes because they are unlinked so you COULD forget/lose something matters.
  4. And so if use method of creators (to link right now) — then I have to use fast another Java application, because I can forget my thought while Logseq’s being loaded.
  5. Wanna there also to be File-mode: just sorted list of notes in left pane.

Also I have one concept in mind that rule my decisions.


If I lose smth I should be able to recreate smth.
If I lost in foreign land, I can plug in my USB 2.0 in old Pentium 1 from junkyard and boot my system.
If I lose my mind, my wife or children could find some things I had store for long time.

Hi welcome!

I had a slight thought on one point :slight_smile:

That’s a setting in the config actually. Has to do with performance.
Option to increase that setting or split up the block. Whichever you prefer.

The default value is 10,000 so Logseq should be able to handle @tomatojam42’s 1000+ lines, unless of course by 1000+ he means 11,000 :rofl:

Logseq’s default is 10’000 characters, not lines. :confused:
I have notes with 1000+ lines and each line contains at least 20-30 symbols in russian but usially line is several sentences.
You can calculate, this is simple math: 1000 lines multiplies by 30 symbols = 30’000 symbols.

Dr. friends
Please, let some more freedom in choosing software.
Logseq mixes Markdown’s format, Wiki-links, Org-mode’s organization tips and smth+ I forget.
Then it’s called brand new tool.
OK, cool, then would be nice if I could leave my notes pure in 1 format.
Because Logseq is BEST for second-brain.
But it gets hard to just open and put my notes (starting Logseq 10 sec).
It gets hard to store and edit big textes because I need to start sentences with -
It gets hard to paste PURE markdown from buffer.
It gets hard to review notes from other editors because of “collapsed true” are everywhere.
And so on…

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