Have nodes in graph view stay put unless moved

When you move one node, it often moves several other nodes in the process. I wish all other nodes would stay put while moving a node. Also, I wish the graph view didn’t reset every time I returned to it. I want the ability to save the placements of the nodes. Implementing both of these would help a lot in keeping pages organized.

Others also want to improve the data visualisation of the graph view however they have stated they’d like graph forces to organise their graphs: Improve Graph View: Relationship Types, Link Styling and Graph Parameters like in Cosma

perhaps your request could be implemented by implementing graph forces and saving the layout of the graph. This way you could turn off graph forces; reorganise the graph however you’d like, and then the graph could be saved for later.

There is a similar request: Predictable graph layout and journal nodes
that also gives some detail of how this could be implemented.