Hello from a researcher and FLOSS advocate!

Hello, my name is Carlos

As an academic (now turned into Research Software Engineer) with plenty of different interests an almost insatiable cuioristy and thirst for knowledge, I have been collecting tons of information either for my job or my multiple interests. As you can imagine, finding that information has not always been easy until I discovered KMS (admittedly, still it isn’t and that’s the reason why I’m here).

As a FLOSS proponent, I’ve been looking for FLOSS alternatives to obsidian, evernote… and a year ago I found Dendron and have used ever since (and quite happily, frankly).

During that research process, at some point I discovered Logseq, too, but I discarded it because by then it was not as mature as it is now, and because I wasn’t comfortable with writing bullet points. Now, after giving Logseq a new chance, I have discovered that blocks may be weird for me, but they are the corner stone upon which Logseq is based, and they provide quite a lot of interesting features. Also, I’m positively surprised by the many plugins available, some of which address some features I was missing -such as integrating mermaid.js diagrams. And of course, I was sold when I saw Zotero’s integration.

So here I am giving another opportunity to Logseq, and very excited about its unique features and how it may evolve (by the way, is there a roadmap?)

Hope to see you all here.

This is my website, in case you want to know more about me: Carlos Cámara-Menoyo