Hello from Australia

Hey there - also a newly converted user, coming from Obsidian. I love Obsidian, what attracted me to logseq is:

  • Although the concept of outliner was a bit foreign to me initially (I am also writing long forms), I got used to it and finally love it.
  • I do like the journal feature. Well integrated flow.
  • I love the design concept for the “live preview” logseq has. It is in fact not a “live preview”, but just a “render everything but the current block”. Obsidian has missed this opportunity, still having a separate live preview and preview mode (even after the upgrade to live preview), because the two modes are relying on two different CSS files (in Obsidian).
  • The PDF viewer/annotator is a killer feature.

What I like less:

  • It is quite heavily relying on non-standard markdown (e.g. the block definition as bullet, the checkboxes for TODO etc) - even though I understand the motivations and the features it provides, I am still quietly lamenting the departure from the “standard” markdown (I know there is no “standard” markdown).
  • it is somewhat slow when opening large files (but that’s absolutely tolerable :slight_smile: )

Overall, very excited and very happy about my transition. I do also love the styling. Laurel is my favourite! Both in dark and light modes.

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