Hello from California

Hi everyone, I’m writing from California. I’ve been using Logseq for little over a week now. I downloaded late last year, but I didn’t understand how to use it. But then this month I saw a few video tutorials about Logseq and they piqued my interests.

I spent almost an entire day wrapping my mind around Logseq and how to use it. I still have questions, but I’m already hooked on using. I just want to make sure I use it in a way that is productive, and just a way another for saving notes I’ll never use again.

I plan to do produce a few video tutorials or write an article about Logseq for my MacAutomationTips blog and YouTube channel.


Hello there. I visited California a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Did the touristy Yosemite park, Lee Vining, and a good few other places. Looking forward to visiting again.

Very glad to hear that Logseq is to your liking, and really looking forward to your videos and blog article - please do share on the forum and Discord when it is published.

Thanks for being here and welcome aboard

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Thanks. Great to be here. I’ll keep you posted.